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PREMIER AU PAIRS is a professional Au Pair Agency with a wide experience in this business, dedicated to find the best au pairs for the families and vice versa.

We endeavor to match host families and au pairs according with the requirements and profile of each of them, directing them towards those that we think they will do better in each particular case.

We work with the best and most professional European Au Pair Agencies to offer to families and au pairs a fast, efficient and of high quality service.

The legal address of
PREMIER AU PAIRS is Calle Parva, n º 1, 41960 Gines (Sevilla), Spain and the email address

Please read the following pages carefully.
These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement between PREMIER AU PAIRS, the Host Family and the Au Pair (hereinafter “Clients” and/or “You”) and apply to all contracts, the use of the Agency website and all services the Agency provides. By registering, customers are explicitly accepting these Terms and Conditions, the “Information for families”, the “Information for au pairs”, the “Agreement clause”, the “Data Protection Policy” and the “Legal Notice”.
These Terms & Conditions apply to both female and male au pairs.

All legal issues, arising from or relate to the use of this site or from any other of the Agency’s services, are construed in accordance with the laws of Spain. The Agency failure to enforce any right or provision in these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision or of any other rights or provisions in these Terms and Conditions. If a court would find that one or more rights or provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions are invalid, you agree that the remainder of these Terms and Conditions will be enforceable and that the invalid rights or provisions shall be enforceable to the full extent permitted by Law.

The "
Family Application Form”, the “Au Pair Application Form” and   “Agreement Clause is the contract between the Agency, the Host Family and the Au Pair. Each party will have a copy of the Application Form of the other one. By registering, clients are expressly accepting said contract.

acts only and exclusively as an introductory agency for contacting Host Families and Au Pairs. The Agency will send to the clients all the information on those Host Families/Au Pairs who fit what they have requested in their Application Form.

The Agency does not engage the Au Pair but are the Host Families who do it. For this reason, the responsibility for the final decision and the agreement rests with the Host Family; therefore, we strongly recommend that you check carefully the profile and all documents of the candidates.

The Au Pair candidates will be solely responsible to accept or reject the offer made ??by a Host Family, exempting the Agency from any liability whatsoever.Listen For this reason, they must read very carefully the profile of the families and also to ensure that the place where the Host Family they choose lives, is the kind of city, town or village where they would like to live during their stay in the host country.

The rights and obligations of the Au Pair and the Host Family shall be the reflected in a written agreement between both parties to be issued in the form of a "Letter of Invitation/ Agreement” to the Au Pair.

By using the Agency’s website or receiving our services by any other means, you confirm that you are 18 years or older and that all information you provide is accurate, true and updated.

The Agency reserves the right to revise and modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without specifying the reasons. You must visit our website periodically to check which are the current Terms and Conditions because they are binding on you and they could have changed since the last time you contacted with the Agency.

The Agency will notify by postal mail of any change made in these Terms and Conditions to those clients who have not contacted with us through our website.
1.- Basis of the agreement
2.- Services
3.- Fees
4.- Replacements/relocation or refunds
5.- Trial and notice period
6.- Misconduct
7.- Obligations of the clients
8.- Cancellation
9.- Disclaimer
10.- General
11.- Final dispositions
1.- Basis of the agreement
The Agency provides services to find an Au Pair/Host Family on its website and , by email, postal mail or in its office.

The Agency endeavours to find the Au Pair/Host Family that best fulfil the client requirements;  we handle all necessary paperwork;  all references are carefully vetted  and finally we send you all pertaining information on Au Pairs/Host Families we consider will fit your needs best. However, as mentioned before, the responsibility for the final decision of an engagement rests on the Host Family

Our bilingual team offers a personal service helping our clients in each step to choose the best Au Pair/Host Family for them.

We are available during the entire placement to help both parties at any time.

We have a 24/365 emergency telephone with a real person at the other end.

We offer to Host Families and Au Pairs
one month guarantee period from the Au Pair starting date. During this time, if any problem would arise between both parties, we could offer a replacement or a refund to the Host Family and a new family to the Au Pair without cost but always subject to the Agency’s judgment and according with other articles of these Terms & Conditions.

The Agency cannot guarantee the Au Pair starting date or length of stay with the Host Family.
2.- Services
3.- Fees
The Agency fees are generated only by the provision of intermediation services between host families and Au Pair candidates, either directly or through our partner agencies.
We assure our best attention and service at all times because our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our customers have a good experience with our agency and the Au Pair stay with the Host Family is a success..
Length of stay                                               Fee

Up to 6 months                       300 €
From 7 to 12 months                  350 €
Au Pair couple                       500 €
Deposit                              100 €
Summer Au Pair                       200 €
Deposit for summer Au Pair           400 €

Single parenfamily                   10%
Family without children              10%
Elderly people (+65)                 10%
Next services                        10%

VAT included
Au Pairs coming to Spain
Administration fees-Long term         50 €

Administration fees-
Summer Au Pair Programme              100 €

VAT included
4.- Replacements/recolocation and/or refunds
The Host Family must give their Au Pair four (4) weeks trial period for long term engagements and fourteen (14) days for short term engagements and Summer Au Pair.

The Host Family must devote the full trial period in training and support the Au Pair, giving her the opportunity to improve her language, domestic and childcare skills.

The Host Family can only give the notice to the Au Pair before the trial period expires, due to incompatibility, genuine misunderstanding or incompetence of the Au Pair and prior discussion with the Agency and subject to our consent. Both parties must notify the Agency in writing stating the reasons for giving the notice. If the Agency consider these reasons valid, will then take the most convenient decision for both parties, which means that we will supply
the family with a free replacement and we will find a new Host Family for the Au Pair.

Except for extreme circumstances, if the Au Pair leaves the  Host Family within the trial period or at any other time without respecting the required notice period, they can make a deduction on her due pocket money. The Au Pair will also forfeit the right to further assistance and will put herself out of the Au Pair Programme.

The Au Pair must continue living with the Host Family within the notice period, carrying out her usual duties and she must get paid accordingly. Under no circumstances than illegal action or serious misconduct can the Host Family make the Au Pair leave their home without giving the notice. Otherwise, the Agency will charge the Host Family with all expenses that the Au Pair, or the Agency on her behalf, has incurred (room and board, transport, etc.).

In the event the Host Family and the Au Pair reach a mutual agreement for the Au Pair leaving the family without the due notice, the Host Family must yet give her time to find another family or make the necessary arrangements for the Au Pair to return to her home country.

Both parties must be given the following notice:

For long term placements, i.e., 6 months or more:
Within the trial period:  7 days

After the trial period:  14 days

For short term placements, i.e., up to 6 months and Summer Au Pairs:
Within and after the trial period:  7 days
5.- Trial and notice period
In the event of serious misconduct on the part of the Au Pair or the Family, either party must terminate the engagement immediately. Serious misconduct that implies any kind of risk or danger may require the involvement of the police. Both parties must inform the Agency immediately to allow us to take the most appropriate actions.

When misconduct is on the part of the Au Pair, the Host Family is liable of providing, and pay her adequate accommodation and meals for 48 hours from the date of dismissal. In the event the Agency takes care of these expenses on behalf of the Host Family, they must pay the Agency the due amount or otherwise, we reserve the right of taking the appropriated legal action against them.

If misconduct is on the part of the Host Family, they are liable to provide and pay for adequate accommodation and board to the Au Pair up to 3 days from the termination date. Furthermore, they are liable to pay return fares and make all necessary arrangements for the Au Pair returning to her country in the event that within these 3 days, the Agency were not able to find a suitable new family for her or she decides come back home. In case of breach, the Agency reserves the right to bring legal action against the Family. The Agency will then be relieved for any obligation to the Host Family.
6.- Misconduct
Clients alone are responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information, texts and pictures insert on the Agency’s website and or that they send by any other means. Clients bind themselves to uphold the legal regulations, prohibitions made by authorities and good manners.

Clients alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their information. They should not include in their profile any information they do not want to make available to other persons.

Host Families and Au Pairs commit themselves to respect the Au Pair Programme regulations in the host country.

The Agency is not bound to check the profiles of the clients in respect of the influence they might have on the rights of third parties.

Clients are obliged to exonerate
PREMIER AU PAIRS from claims of third parties against us due to posting the clients’ personal data on the Agency’s website or for having sent them to third parties through any other means.

Clients are obliged to pay to
PREMIER AU PAIRS for any damage caused by publishing their personal data on our websites unless they were not responsible.

The information that clients obtain on families and au pairs from the Agency is strictly confidential and therefore is absolutely forbidden passing it to other clients or any other third parties, in particular their contact details, in case they have access to them.

7.- Obligations of the clients
PREMIER AU PAIRS may exclude registered users from using our service at any time without specifying the reasons, in case they breach these Terms and Conditions, the applicable laws of Spain and the European Union, the rights of third parties, good manners or if the Agency would have another legitimate interest. In the event of exclusion the client will not be entitled to a refund.

PREMIER AU PAIRS reserves the right to deactivate your application supposing you have not used of our services 30 days pass from your registration date. Deactivate your registration means that we will remove all your details from our data base and our files. We will notify you of the deactivation of your registration by email.
8.- Cancellation
The Host Family and the Au Pair accepting these Terms and Conditions agree that PREMIER AU PAIRS does not assume liability on the agreement between them. Therefore, PREMIER AU PAIRS does not offer any guarantee on the truthfulness and suitability of Au Pair positions offered by families, nor the Agency can guarantee the truthfulness, suitability, capability, honesty, character or good health of the candidates to become an Au Pair.

If an Au Pair is not admitted in the host country or was expelled from it by any competent authorities,
PREMIER AU PAIRS declines any responsibility on this matter.

PREMIER AU PAIRS shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss, injury, dishonest or malicious acts, expenses, voluntary or involuntary act or omission (with fraud or fault), in which could incur the Host Family and/or the Au Pair prior to, during or after the agreement reached by both parties or that might occur due to the intermediation of PREMIER AU PAIRS. Consequently, both parties expressly waive to take any judicial or extra judicial action against PREMIER AU PAIRS.

PREMIER AU PAIRS disclaims any liability to any third party, anywhere in the world, for any injury, damage, direct or indirect loss, consequential or economic loss or any other loss suffered as a result of the use or reliance upon the information contained in the Agency’s website, provided by any other means and/or by any service provided by PREMIER AU PAIRS to the maximum extent permitted by Law.

Under no circumstances including negligence, shall PREMIER AU PAIRS be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of its website or services provided, even if PREMIER AU PAIRS or an authorized representative  would had been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some jurisdictions do not allow limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In this event, PREMIER AU PAIRS total liability to you for all damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or for any other reasons, will not exceed the amount you have paid to PREMIER AU PAIRS for its services.

PREMIER AU PAIRS provides, for your personal information, the texts that reflect the valid laws and regulations according to our knowledge. However, PREMIER AU PAIRS assumes no liability or guarantee that this information is complete, correct and appropriate.
9.- Disclaimer
10.- General
PREMIER AU PAIRS claims no ownership rights on any information or image contained in the profile of the clients. The use of the Agency database is for the sole purpose of displaying your personal information and photographs.

PREMIER AU PAIRS has the right to transfer its rights and duties arising from the contractual relationship between the Agency and its clients complete or partially to third party.

PREMIER AUPAIRS guarantees to provide a website according to normal technical standards. However, as knows, may be possible that the requested data will not always be available or in extreme circumstances may not be available at all.

In compliance with the Spanish Data Protection Act,
PREMIER AU PAIRS will not disclose the personal and contact information of its clients, without their previous and written consent, except in the event that it would be necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or in legal process where such information would be relevant.
11.- Final dispositions
The clients must pay a deposit for registration in the Au Pair Programme which will be payable when they send their application form and the required documents. The deposit is for administration cost and in any case is reimbursable.
Due to the great amount of registrations for the Summer Au Pair Programme, the Agency cannot guarantee any placement.
Although the deposit is not refundable, the Agency will make the following exception with the girls registered for the Summer Au Pair Programme: If the Agency does not present you any family or none of the families we present to you does not make you a firm offer, the deposit paid will be saved for next summer. However, if there were one or more families, who want to make you a firm offer, but you reject them for reasons such as, number of children, the place where they live, working hours, pocket money, etc. and, as a result, we could not place you, then you would lose the deposit already paid. Do not forget that in summer there are more young people wanting to be placed as an au pair than host families available.
Once the deposit is paid, the Agency will issue a receipt. Clients will be invoiced for the total amount of the Agency fees (including the deposit already paid) when the Au Pair has received the letter of invitation from the Host Family. The amount owed now is only balance between the deposit already paid and the total fees invoiced.
Invoices will be payable within five (5) days of the invoice’s date. If payment is not received by then, unless it was due to a justified reason and with the previous and express consent of the Agency, we will assume that you have desisted of your application and hence the Au Pair/Host Family chosen by you will be available again and your contract with the Agency will be cancelled. If you request another Au Pair/Host Family, the Agency fees, including the deposit, must be paid again.
Host families should keep in mind that arrangement for the travel of the Au Pair they have   invited will not be made until the account has not been settle in full.

Au Pairs must pay the Agency fees once they receive the letter of invitation from the Host Family they have accepted, otherwise, her agreement with this family will be cancelled.
The Agency reserves the right to expel from the Au Pair Programme and take the legal actions it deems necessary against those clients who fail to pay the Agency fee or had made a fraudulent payment. 
If a family engages an Au Pair who is already in their country of residence they must pay the Agency fees before the beginning of the placement; otherwise, the agreement with said Au Pair and the contract with the Agency will be considered cancelled.  The Agency will place the Au Pair with another family.
If an Au Pair already lives in the country of residence of the Host Family she is going to be placed with, she must pay the Agency fees before the commencement of the placement, otherwise, the placement with said family as well as the contract with the Agency will be cancelled. Another Au Pair will be offered to the family.
Fees for three months placements or Summer Au Pairs are only for stays of this length and families cannot use it as a down payment to secure a long term Au Pair.

When an Au Pair stays longer that the period the Host Family has paid for, the Agency will send an additional invoice to the family. No charge will be made to the Au Pair.

If a family introduces an Au Pair from this Agency to another family, and she accepts to work with the second family, the Agency must be informed immediately and the second family must register with the Agency and pay the due fees, otherwise, the first family will be liable for the introduction fees to a third party.

If an Au Pair returns with the same Host Family after the first contract has been completed, both must inform the Agency immediately. The Host Family shall be invoiced for the new period of stay agreed. The Au Pair will not be charged.

The Agency fees outlined below are determined for the Au Pair length of stay with the Host Family and are part of these Terms and Conditions. Payments of the Agency fees will be made only in Euros.

The Agency’s fees are subject to an annual increase. However, the Agency reserves the right to modify them at any time. It is your responsibility to find out which are our current fees before making your application as they may have changed since the last time you contacted with the Agency.
The deposit will be valid whilst the Agency is unable to offer an Au Pair/Host Family that match with the profile requested by the client. However, the deposit will be valid for 3 months when the client does not accept any of the Au Pairs / Host Families offered, although they fit the required profile. In this case, if the client wants that we continue searching for an Au Pair/Host Family, they must pay the deposit again.
These Terms and Conditions are govern by and are construed in accordance with the laws of Spain. without giving effect to its conflicts of law’s provisions. These Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been made at the legal address of PREMIER AU PAIRS and therefore, by accepting these Terms and Conditions you consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Seville, Spain, no matter where you live.

PREMIER AU PAIRS legal address is Calle Parva, 1, 41960 GINES (SEVILLA), ESPAÑA, and its email address

In the event of any discrepancy in the translation of these Terms and Conditions to other languages, the Spanish version shall prevail.
PREMIER AU PAIRS has no liability over the inappropriate use of its website content, being the sole responsibility of the person who utilizes it or accesses to it.  This website has links to other websites. These links are provided solely as a service to you and, therefore, PREMIER AU PAIRS is not responsible for the contents of such websites. If you decide to access to them is at your own risk.
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Travel Arrangements
If the Host Family cannot collect their Au Pair at the first point of arrival in their country, they are responsible for her travel costs from there to the Host Family’s home. The Agency can book and pay for national public transport (train, bus, etc.), plus a surcharge of 20.00€ for this service. We will invoice to the Au Pair but then the Host Family will reimburse its amount to the au pair

Note for Au Pairs
As it is known, on the Internet it can be found many Au Pairs agencies that do not charge to the au pair candidates. However, please note that if you pay nothing, the agency you have contacted will not consider you its client. If you had any problem during your stay in the host country, they will not help you because they will not spend time and effort for nothing. In addition, we want you to be our preferred client, as of the two parties (Family and Au Pair), you are the most vulnerable.