Au Pair lengh of stay                             Tarifa

Up to 6 month                       300 €
From 7 to 12 months                 350 €
Au Pair couple                      500 €
Deposit                              60 €

Summer Au Pair                      200 €
Deposit for summer Au Pair           50 €


Single Parent Family                 10%
Family without children              10%
Elderly people (+65)                 10%
Next services                        10%
VAT included
Au Pairs coming to Spain
If the Host Family cannot meet their Au Pair at the point of arrival in their country, they are responsible for her travel costs from there to the family’s home. We can book and pay for national public transport (train, bus, etc.) and invoice the family the cost of the tickets plus a charge for travel arrangement of 20€.

We offer the same service to au pairs; we will invoice them with the above mentioned fees but, afterwards, they shall ask their host family for a refund of the total amount they have already paid.

As is well known, you can find in the Internet many au pairs agencies that do not charge any fee to Au Pair candidates. However, you must take into consideration that if you pay nothing, you are not a client of the agency you contacted with. If any problem occurs whilst you are in the host country, they will not help you, as they will not expend time and effort for nothing. Besides, we want you to be our Preferred Client because of the two parties (Family and Au Pair) you are the more unprotected.
Travel Arrangements
Administration fess -Longterm          50 €

Administration fess
-Summer Au Pair Programme              50 €

VAT included
Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA
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